Holland Road Baptist Church


Coronavirus Update

Reopening the Building for Services

From Sunday 5th July it is possible for churches to begin to gather again for services in a building. However, the current government advice is that, “where possible, places of worship [should] continue to stream worship or other events to avoid large gatherings and to continue to reach those individuals who are self-isolating or particularly vulnerable to COVID-19.

We are really looking forward to when we can gather again in the building and are actively looking at ways in which we can do this. However, at the moment, what we would experience would be very different to what we have known before. For now we will be following the government’s recommendation to keep the building closed and put our efforts into the online service, our Communities and our Practical Team.

It is also now possible to meet in homes with one other household where it is safe to do so; this was the main way the early church in Acts met. If you do this, forĀ  example to watch a service, then please ensure that you follow the appropriate guidelines on social distancing.

If you are new, please do get in touch with us, by leaving your details at hrbc.org.uk/connect or give us a call. We would love to hear from you!

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Page last updated: 9th July 2020.