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Lent 2014

Tim Vellacott

Day 35 – Monday 14th April

Psalm 35: The Christian life is a battle. In what ways are you experiencing this at the moment? Instead of simply fighting back, the psalmist asks for God to fight on his behalf. Take time to do the same.

Day 36 – Tuesday 15th April

Psalm 36: Do you find it easy to identify sin in your life? What makes it hard for people to do this? Ask for Christ’s light to come into your life.

Day 37 – Wednesday 16th April

Psalm 37: This Psalm reminds us of the future and the ultimate reality for the wicked and the righteous. In what things do you need to patiently wait upon the Lord at this time?

Day 38 – Thursday 17th April

Psalm 38: Why does God let the Psalmist go through a time like this? Have you been through something similar? Ask for God’s help to come quickly to those facing these times at the moment.

Day 39 – Friday 18th April – Good Friday

Psalm 39: This psalm describes someone under the judgement and wrath of God. At the cross Jesus endured the wrath of God…. Consider what it meant for Jesus to suffer this for us. Thank Him.

Day 40 – Saturday 19th April – Easter Saturday

Psalm 40 begins with patient waiting on the Lord and moves to rejoice in the rescuing work of God. Pray for our Easter Services tomorrow that many people will ‘see and fear and put their trust in the Lord’ – vs3.

Psalm 41: What sort of life does the Lord want you to live as you leave this time of Lent? What have you learnt about God, yourself, and others?

Sunday 20th April – Easter Sunday

Come and celebrate the greatest day in history!

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Tim Vellacott

Day 29 – Monday 7th April

Psalm 29: Why is the voice of the Lord is so powerful? Whose voices are you listening to? How can you help people to hear the voice of the Lord? Pray for all those who preach the Word of God, for His anointing and strength.

Day 30 – Tuesday 8th April

Psalm 30: Reflect on what God has done in your life. Do you have a testimony of His help and healing? Give thanks to Him.

Day 31 – Wednesday 9th April

Psalm 31: Jesus frequently prayed using the psalms (see vs5 and his prayer on the cross Luke 23:46). Which part of this psalm reflects your needs at the moment? Use that part to pray your own prayer to God.

Day 32 –Thursday 10th April

Psalm 32: Why is un-confessed sin so toxic? Do you have any un-confessed sin at the moment? Bring it to God. Pray for us as a church that there would be no un-confessed sin amongst us.

Day 33 – Friday 11th April

Psalm 33 begins with a command to sing… Spend time worshipping God, get an instrument out or put on some worship music. Perhaps take some time to write your own worship song to God.

Day 34 – Saturday 12th April

Psalm 34 focuses on the use of our tongue and our lips. Our words are very powerful, they affect our lives and the lives of others. Pray that God would help you to use your words to encourage and bless others today.

Sunday 13th April

Today is Palm Sunday when we remember Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, an event recorded in all four of the gospels. Pray that as a church we would welcome Jesus with praise as we gather for worship today.

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Tim Vellacott

Day 23 – Monday 31st March

Psalm 23: God is our Shepherd and He promises to lead us through the valley to green pastures. Ask God to help you fix your eyes on Him today. Pray for God’s comfort for those suffering at the moment.

Day 24 – Tuesday 1st April

Psalm 24: Ask yourself – ‘Are my hands clean? Is my heart pure?’ Spend time in confession then invite the King of Glory to come in.

Day 25 – Wednesday 2nd April

Psalm 25: What is God trying to teach you at the moment? What is He saying to you? Reflect on vs14. What helps us to hear the voice of God?

Day 26 – Thursday 3rd April

Psalm 26: Sometimes people say ‘I try to live a good life’. The Psalmist suggests he lives a righteous and blameless life, yet he asks God to redeem him and be merciful. Why?

Day 27 – Friday 4th April

Psalm 27: Are there things or people that you fear? Take time to name them before the Lord. What is the Psalmist’s solution to these fears?

Day 28 – Saturday 5th April

Psalm 28: In what ways do you and God’s people need help today? Ask God for His help for both you and others.

Sunday 6th April

1 Corinthians 14:26-40. Pray that God would be leading us as a church as we gather for worship today.

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Tim Vellacott

Day 17 – Monday 24th March

Psalm 17: What do you think about when you first wake up? Ask God to show you His face before you do anything else.

Day 18 – Tuesday 25th March

Psalm 18: Spend time thinking about what God has done in your life. Perhaps take some time to write down some of those things? Praise and thank Him!

Day 19 – Wednesday 26th March

Psalm 19: Take your Bible outside as you reflect on this Psalm. Wonder at His creation then wonder at His word. Pray vs12-14 into your life.

Day 20 – Thursday 27th March

Psalm 20: As you pray for others today ask God to give them the ‘desire of their hearts’. If you know what that is – pray for it specifically. Why not offer to pray for someone today?

Day 21 – Friday 28th March

Psalm 21: God promises to return one day. In what ways should this return effect how we live today? Pray that as a church we would be ready for His return and will live in the reality of it.

Day 22 – Saturday 29th March

Psalm 22: This Psalm speaks prophetically (vs12-18) about what Christ endured on the cross for us. Spend time thanking Jesus for what he went through for you, think about what his suffering achieved. What might God be achieving through your suffering?

Sunday 30th March

God desires to give his church gifts. 1 Corinthians 14:1-25. Pray that, as we gather for worship today, we would see God at work amongst us.

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Tim Vellacott

Day 11 – Monday 17th March

Psalm 11: In what situations are you tempted to flee? Ask God to give you and others courage to stand for Him today.

Day 12 – Tuesday 18th March

Psalm 12: Who are the weak and needy today? Ask God to arise and act on their behalf.

Day 13 – Wednesday 19th March

Psalm 13: Pray for those wrestling with doubt, sorrow and fear. Ask God for fresh revelation of His ‘unfailing love’.

Day 14 – Thursday 20th March

Psalm 14: The idea that there is “no God” is not new! Pray for people that you know like this, that God would reveal Himself to them.

Day 15 – Friday 21st March

Psalm 15: Think about your words and your actions: Are you living a righteous life? Ask for God’s help with whatever you are particularly struggling with at the moment.

Day 16 – Saturday 22nd March

Psalm 16: The ESV translates vs11 as: ‘In your presence there is fullness of joy, at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Spend time seeking the presence and joy of God.

Sunday 23rd March

Pray that God would help us become the loving community he has called us to be: 1 Corinthians 13:5-13. Pray for His presence as we gather for worship today.

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Tim Vellacott

Day 5 – Monday 10th March

Psalm 5: What does it mean to wait in expectation? Spend time laying your requests before God, then spend time waiting on God.

Day 6 – Tuesday 11th March

Psalm 6: Tears are sometimes described as liquid prayer. Ask God to break your heart with what breaks his. Come to Him with prayer and tears.

Day 7 – Wednesday 12th March

Psalm 7 speaks of God’s righteous judgement. Spend time confessing your own sin to God. Pray against the work of evil in our nation.

Day 8 – Thursday 13th March

Psalm 8: Try to get out into God’s creation. Spend time thanking and praising God for what He has made.

Day 9 – Friday 14th March

Psalm 9: Reflect on the many things that God has done and will do. Ask God to enable you to tell others of His ‘wonders’ today.

Day 10 – Saturday 15th March

Psalm 10: Why does God feel so distant at times? Ask God to work in a particular area of injustice in our world and to remind you of the ultimate reality of his Kingship and future reign.

Sunday 16th March

Please pray for our leaders who will be gathering today to seek God’s direction for the leading of their groups and communities. Pray that God would be speaking to the whole church as we gather for worship today.

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Tim Vellacott

Day 1 – Ash Wednesday, 6th March

Psalm 1 reminds us that life is a journey with two possible paths; one path brings happiness, but the other brings tragedy. As we reflect on Psalm 1, and those things that make a prosperous life, one thing stands out: This person spends time with God – reflecting on His word and seeking God in prayer. Take time to look at the consequences of this devoted life.

Day 2 – Thursday 6th March

Psalm 2 speaks of God’s authority over the nations. Take time to pray for one nation in this world. Pray particularly for the rulers of that nation.

Day 3 – Friday 7th March

Psalm 3: Sometimes God’s answers to prayer can seem far off. Reflect on the need to persevere in prayer. Ask God to give you faith as you pray for things that have not yet happened.

Day 4 – Saturday 8th March

Psalm 4: Are you or someone close to you facing distress at the moment? Pray for the Lord’s face to shine and for hearts to be filled with the joy of God’s presence in the midst of difficulty.

Sunday 9th March

Sundays are not included in the 40 days of Lent since they have always been seen as days of celebration rather than fast. As Christians remember that Christ rose from the dead on a Sunday, take time to join with others at church today to celebrate the Living Christ amongst us.

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Tim Vellacott

Lent 2014: Introduction

By Tim Vellacott

This Lent we are going to take the opportunity to join with the Psalmist as we journey through the First Book of Psalms together, taking one Psalm a day and allowing that to shape our reflections, prayers, and our lives.

We will be posting the devotions up in manageable blocks so you can easily get a  few days’ worth at a time. The first set of devotions will be up by Ash Wednesday – 5th March.

I’d really encourage you to engage with them (and most importantly engage with God through them!) but also to come back here and use the comments section below to encourage others, ask questions or share your reflections.

As you begin Lent: How can you make space during the day and the night to meditate on God’s word? Make a plan!

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