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September saw the relaunch of our youth work at Holland Road: a triple-threat of Youth Thursdays (our regular night for young people to hang out and have fun), Encounter (a monthly Sunday evening service specially geared towards them) and Encounter Extra (food and general madness just before the Encounter service kicks off).

One of the main changes has been the introduction of ‘options’ on Thursday nights – each week we have two or three different activities for them to choose from, including baking, band, tv club, Youth Alpha and even a rowing machine challenge! Or, if they fancy, they can just hang out in the hall where we have a great set-up including table football, pool, table tennis, a dance mat, a Nintendo Wii and comfy sofas. The tuck shop has also proven popular, and not just with the young people…

Nic's Tuck Shop

It’s been a crazy few months but we’ve seen amazing growth, with around 30 young people coming on a Thursday evening, great friendships developing, and a surprising amount of egging.*

Sam Getting Pie'd

But don’t just take it from me – here’s what some of the youth have to say about it:

  • “Good place to meet new people and have fun.”
  • “I love the disco, because you can go bonkers and just be yourself!”
  • “It’s really great to have the freedom to choose what you want to do on a Thursday – you can just relax if you want.”
  • “Konnichiwa! I love playing Ninja at Encounter Extra!”
  • “It’s awesome!”

Youth Fifa

So if you’re in years 7-13 and you want something new for a Thursday or Sunday night, come along and join us! Find us on Facebook or Twitter, or check out hrbc.org.uk/youth for more. Looking forward to seeing you there!

*Of the leaders, obviously. Health and Safety.

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