Holland Road Baptist Church

David Treneer

On Sunday 10th November 2013 we held our annual ‘We love our church, we love our city’ Gift Day.

Through the generous giving of the people who make up Holland Road we raised £40,861* to support five key areas:

  • Christians Against Poverty – working to help people get out of debt, providing financial advice as well as teaching top-quality money-management skills.
  • The ongoing work of our church – reaching out to those in our city.
  • Alternatives – supporting and showing God’s love to those facing unplanned pregnancy or pregnancy loss.
  • The Basics Bank – supporting people who are in genuine financial crisis that isn’t a result of their choice of lifestyle; offering practical support with food and basic kitchen and bedding needs.
  • The Night Shelter – a joint venture between 14 churches across the city offering overnight accommodation for rough sleepers over the winter months.

Once again it’s been a joy, as we give, to remember all that we’ve been given and all that our giving is able to do. Thanks to all those who’ve been part of the Gift Day and we praise God for all that will be done through it.

*This article has been amended to reflect the updated total since its original publishing. 

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