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I’ve been part of the Transform team for about two years now, but last Sunday I said goodbye to it as it came to an end. I will still be part of the church and will still be involved in different areas of church life.

The past two years have been absolutely amazing, I’ve gained so much experience by being involved in such a wide variety of different ministries, I’ve led children’s groups at holiday clubs, played in the band, built a website, made flyers, stacked chairs, led youth work, led the AV team, answered the phone, preached, regularly got up at 6am to fill the baptistry, coordinated the Wales mission twice, and I’ve done lots of cutting, folding and stapling to name just a few things, and God has really ‘transformed’ me throughout this time.

Katie in her final Transform article gave the analogy of Transform being like a spiritual greenhouse, and I don’t think I can say it any better:

Doing Transform is therefore a little bit like being put in a greenhouse. It’s an intense period of pruning – of experiences, of opportunities, of learning, of growing – and you cannot help but be changed.

Having only been a Christian since November 2010, I’ve been very fortunate to have spent most of my Christian life so far in this ‘spiritual greenhouse’, but I know that moving forward I will still see my relationship with God go deeper and I will still continue to be transformed by him.

Biggest Surprise

I was in a job interview a few months ago and the CEO of the company asked me “what has been the biggest surprise of your time on Transform?”, and I wasn’t really sure at the time, but I spent some time thinking about it afterwards and decided that the biggest surprise has been my involvement with our youth work.

Two years ago the thought of talking to teenagers would have scared the life out of me. But I followed God’s promptings to get involved in our youth work and have found it to be amazing, I’ve found that God has grown me in my faith through it and I’ve found that he has really blessed me through it.


One big highlight for me (other than getting engaged of course!) has been Encounter, our monthly service aimed at younger people.

Around a year ago God spoke separately to Sam Dracott (one of our teenagers at Holland Road) and myself about putting on an event where we worshipped God though music in a different style to a typical Sunday morning and it was out of this event that Encounter was born.

It’s been great to see how God has grown the teenagers and young adults involved in Encounter, and even more amazing to see how he has met with and spoken to the people that come along to Encounter.

What Next?

A few days ago I started a new job with local Brighton company ribot as an Android developer (making apps for phones and other devices).

I’ll also still be very heavily involved in the youth work here, leading our week time youth ministry with former Time Teamer / Transformer Nic Bryant.

You’ll also find me regularly contributing to this magazine in a new feature called ‘Connected Church’, looking at the technological world we live in and issues we face as Christians.

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