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Transform: Introducing Sam

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Who are you?
Sam Dracott.

How long have you been at Holland Road?
I have been coming to Holland road my whole life (about 18 years).

Why did you apply for Transform?
I applied for Transform because I wanted to give up this next year to God and gain experience in a vast amount of areas that I have not yet had the chance to try.

What are you most looking forward to?
I am most looking forward to getting completely immersed in church life and having the opportunity to serve. The mission trip to Romania is also an aspect of this year that I am looking forward to.

What can you see yourself contributing to the Transform Team?
I generally see myself as quite an energetic person and feel that I can bring encouragement and positivity to the team. I wish to work hard and be joyful in everything I do.

What can you see yourself contributing to the life of the church?
Currently I am serving in Youth and Kids work ministries, and I really look forward to having a more involved role in those. I also play regularly in the church worship band and will continue to serve in that ministry.

Do you have a testimony of your journey on Transform so far?
My journey on Transform has been going for the last couple of months. I originally was going to apply for university or higher education, but the more I thought about it the less excited I got. I then began to look into the possibility of Transform and, without telling anyone of this, a number of people asked if I had considered applying for Transform. I believe that these were all promptings from God to pursue this, and the peace I felt when I made the decision really confirmed that.

What can we pray about for you?
Over the next year I really long to be stretched, so that I can grow spiritually. Also, I aim to grow much closer to God this year, through serving the church and through the theological training which I will be attending. So prayer for all of that would be amazing. Thanks.

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    hope you have an amazing year, Sam.

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