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Lena Parle

Transform is our internship programme which runs every year and is made up of people who are giving a year of their time to serve full time at the church in mission, ministry and through training. You can read about our other team member for 2013/14, Lucy, here.

Who are you?

Lena Parle

How long have you been at Holland Road?

16 years, since I was two.

Why did you apply for Transform?

I really wanted to dedicate some time to serving God and the church, and this coming year will be my first out of full time education, before hopefully heading off to university, so for me it seemed the right time to apply for Transform and use this year to serve God.

What are you most looking forward to?

I am most looking forward to travelling abroad on mission trips and seeing what God is doing in other countries, meeting others and telling people about Christ and love of God.

What can you see yourself contributing to the Transform Team?

I hope to be hard working and willing to do whatever is needed. I will aim to do my best and be a useful active member of the team.

What can you see yourself contributing to the life of the church?

I very much hope to be an active part of the life of the church and would like to contribute in any way I can, although I don’t yet know exactly what I will be doing!

Do you have a testimony of your journey on Transform so far?

I knew God wanted me do this for a while and having known previous team members I knew what the process was about and what would be expected of me. Although I was kind of nervous I knew I had to take this leap and everyone around me was very supportive. Those involved in the application process were really helpful and let me know really quickly that they thought I was right to be part of Transform. I was very glad as I had delayed university to do this and I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity!

What can we pray about for you?

I would love prayer for moving out of home for the first time. Please pray that I will be able to adapt well in new situations and that my confidence would grow so I will be able to give my full potential to everything. Also pray that God will really use this year to further his purposes in my life.

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    So thrilled to read your story, Lena. I pray that you will continue to know God's blessing and transformation in your life.

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    Really proud of you Lena, I know God has great plans for you and I am so excited about next year.Much Love Mum

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    Very proud of you Lena. Oh taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him Psalm 34:8

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