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[Transform is a made up of a team who have given a year of their time to serve full time at the church in mission, ministry and through training]

In this last series of children’s work teaching, we have been looking at God’s promises and how he is always with us even though we go through testing times.

We have been looking at the promise that God gave Abraham right back in Genesis 21, and looking at God’s promises to Isaac all the way through to Genesis 33 where we see God’s promise to Jacob, that he will always be with him.

Its passages I’ve seen with fresh eyes, I’ve always had the sense that God has been with me even when I wasn’t a Christian. I feel that he is with me even more so than then, after drawing so close to him during this year, but I feel like I need him and his promises that he will always be with me even more than ever.

In July I will be leaving the Transform team and looking for work, which is quite a daunting prospect. I will be looking for part-time work as I’m still going to be volunteering with children’s work here at least one day a week and also putting a lot of time into the theatre company, ‘Petra Creative’ that I founded with two other people. (We hope to be going into schools performing, facilitating workshops and leading assemblies from September, so we have a lot of planning ahead!)

Never have I been more reliant on God and his guiding. Jacob put his trust in God and went where he was leading, God blessed him through his family and livestock that he had, which were the riches of his day.

I have seen God’s amazing blessings in my life this year and I know that he has great plans for me, sometimes I just need reminding of this, and to know that he is with me through all things gives me great hope.

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    Interestingly, I spotted you almost 5 times at Momentum and every time I tried to reach you something came my way. Anyway it's a joy to read your article and to see how the Lord has used you in children's work. As I was reading it I was reminded of an 'open book' training I attended by Scripture Union just last week here in the Isle of Man geared towards 'collective worship' part of which is school assemblies. A good resource to look at on top of all the wonderful ideas you have for school assemblies. Another thing that crossed my mind as I read you article is that every year in July they run beach missions on the island and a lot of scripture union peeps are involved and it's quite creative and out there. They are a very creative bunch I must say. Just a thought maybe/perhaps....google it. Blessings and prayers. mate....

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