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[Transform is a made up of a team who have given a year of their time to serve full time at the church in mission, ministry and through training]

What’s been happening on Transform? Well, we had the Holiday Club a few weeks ago, I’ve been away on training a few times, there was a trip to North Africa, and a retreat. So basically, a lot of hard work and events! Now it is May and I’ve realised this year has gone really quick! I remember when I was a child (I’ve no idea how I remember this when I regularly forget where my keys are!) a particular summer holiday that went really slowly, I don’t think life does get any faster but I think we just seem to be doing more and that’s what speeds it up.

Some of what I have been learning this year is how God is not in a rush. We love to be busy doing things and constantly keeping ourselves motivated. I’m like that on my bike: I love to be cycling, normally somewhere in the middle of Sussex, belting it around country roads (safely) and trying to push up my average speed as high as it will go.

However the other week I went for a longer than usual bike ride, I don’t mean a couple of hours, I’m talking 58 miles! This was a crazy length one. The hardest thing wasn’t the cycling or the physical pain, but I found it to be the mental strength needed and I had to rely on God for self-control to make sure that I didn’t go too fast and run out of energy before I got back home. In the end I think I managed to average 15.7 mph which wasn’t too bad for a long ride!

Through this I was reminded that God isn’t in a rush, so I don’t need to be. Recently I have been looking into different things I could be doing with my time, both this year and next, and my usual response to most things has been “oooo that seems good” and then I immediately get on with trying to do it. Yet what I’ve been learning is that life doesn’t have to be like that, God would rather work on our character than send us into something unprepared. He doesn’t rush us.

However, there are points when I like to sprint on my bike and see how fast I can go and how then hold the speed there. God’s timing isn’t usually fast paced but sometimes he says things like “something is happening right now and I need you to go and be part of it” and you don’t necessarily have time to wait, God just wants you to act on it and trust him!

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