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Lena Parle

One Transforming Year

By Lena Parle

Transform for me was a time of spiritual growth, learning, and character development. When I began my year, it wasn’t exactly what I expected. When I applied I thought the most important thing would be serving, but I gradually found out it was more about my own spiritual and character growth.

When I look back to my Transform highlights, there are just so many. Those that immediately stand out are training with New Frontiers, and the Wales and Ethiopia mission trips. But what also really stayed with me was the stuff we did everyday, getting to work with so many different people who are on the staff or volunteers, and seeing what the different missional communities do here at Holland Road. I had the privilege to be part of both the Minnows and Tadpoles play groups, meeting the volunteers and all the parents. It was so great to just be part of the team, to serve people, and to get to know them all.

Being part of Alpha and the follow on Foundations group was fantastic. It was amazing to see people’s journeys, to see people coming to know Jesus, and it was an honour to be a part of this. Working at the United cafe was also brilliant, and I met loads of really great people from all over the world. And I was lucky enough to work with such great teams of volunteers within all these communities.

To finish, I want to mention a few special thank-you’s – to Jonny and Katie for guiding and teaching me through the whole process, and to all the ministry leaders and helpers who welcomed me and included me. And a big thank-you to Terry, Lee and Ally Avard, for giving up their time to clean and set up. Everything you did was amazing.

I have made so many friends this year who I won’t forget. Thank you Holland Road for a fantastic year.

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