Holland Road Baptist Church

Tim Vellacott

Day 23 – Monday 31st March

Psalm 23: God is our Shepherd and He promises to lead us through the valley to green pastures. Ask God to help you fix your eyes on Him today. Pray for God’s comfort for those suffering at the moment.

Day 24 – Tuesday 1st April

Psalm 24: Ask yourself – ‘Are my hands clean? Is my heart pure?’ Spend time in confession then invite the King of Glory to come in.

Day 25 – Wednesday 2nd April

Psalm 25: What is God trying to teach you at the moment? What is He saying to you? Reflect on vs14. What helps us to hear the voice of God?

Day 26 – Thursday 3rd April

Psalm 26: Sometimes people say ‘I try to live a good life’. The Psalmist suggests he lives a righteous and blameless life, yet he asks God to redeem him and be merciful. Why?

Day 27 – Friday 4th April

Psalm 27: Are there things or people that you fear? Take time to name them before the Lord. What is the Psalmist’s solution to these fears?

Day 28 – Saturday 5th April

Psalm 28: In what ways do you and God’s people need help today? Ask God for His help for both you and others.

Sunday 6th April

1 Corinthians 14:26-40. Pray that God would be leading us as a church as we gather for worship today.

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