Holland Road Baptist Church

Tim Vellacott

Day 17 – Monday 24th March

Psalm 17: What do you think about when you first wake up? Ask God to show you His face before you do anything else.

Day 18 – Tuesday 25th March

Psalm 18: Spend time thinking about what God has done in your life. Perhaps take some time to write down some of those things? Praise and thank Him!

Day 19 – Wednesday 26th March

Psalm 19: Take your Bible outside as you reflect on this Psalm. Wonder at His creation then wonder at His word. Pray vs12-14 into your life.

Day 20 – Thursday 27th March

Psalm 20: As you pray for others today ask God to give them the ‘desire of their hearts’. If you know what that is – pray for it specifically. Why not offer to pray for someone today?

Day 21 – Friday 28th March

Psalm 21: God promises to return one day. In what ways should this return effect how we live today? Pray that as a church we would be ready for His return and will live in the reality of it.

Day 22 – Saturday 29th March

Psalm 22: This Psalm speaks prophetically (vs12-18) about what Christ endured on the cross for us. Spend time thanking Jesus for what he went through for you, think about what his suffering achieved. What might God be achieving through your suffering?

Sunday 30th March

God desires to give his church gifts. 1 Corinthians 14:1-25. Pray that, as we gather for worship today, we would see God at work amongst us.

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