Holland Road Baptist Church

Tim Vellacott

Day 5 – Monday 10th March

Psalm 5: What does it mean to wait in expectation? Spend time laying your requests before God, then spend time waiting on God.

Day 6 – Tuesday 11th March

Psalm 6: Tears are sometimes described as liquid prayer. Ask God to break your heart with what breaks his. Come to Him with prayer and tears.

Day 7 – Wednesday 12th March

Psalm 7 speaks of God’s righteous judgement. Spend time confessing your own sin to God. Pray against the work of evil in our nation.

Day 8 – Thursday 13th March

Psalm 8: Try to get out into God’s creation. Spend time thanking and praising God for what He has made.

Day 9 – Friday 14th March

Psalm 9: Reflect on the many things that God has done and will do. Ask God to enable you to tell others of His ‘wonders’ today.

Day 10 – Saturday 15th March

Psalm 10: Why does God feel so distant at times? Ask God to work in a particular area of injustice in our world and to remind you of the ultimate reality of his Kingship and future reign.

Sunday 16th March

Please pray for our leaders who will be gathering today to seek God’s direction for the leading of their groups and communities. Pray that God would be speaking to the whole church as we gather for worship today.

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