Holland Road Baptist Church

Tim Vellacott

Day 1 – Ash Wednesday, 6th March

Psalm 1 reminds us that life is a journey with two possible paths; one path brings happiness, but the other brings tragedy. As we reflect on Psalm 1, and those things that make a prosperous life, one thing stands out: This person spends time with God – reflecting on His word and seeking God in prayer. Take time to look at the consequences of this devoted life.

Day 2 – Thursday 6th March

Psalm 2 speaks of God’s authority over the nations. Take time to pray for one nation in this world. Pray particularly for the rulers of that nation.

Day 3 – Friday 7th March

Psalm 3: Sometimes God’s answers to prayer can seem far off. Reflect on the need to persevere in prayer. Ask God to give you faith as you pray for things that have not yet happened.

Day 4 – Saturday 8th March

Psalm 4: Are you or someone close to you facing distress at the moment? Pray for the Lord’s face to shine and for hearts to be filled with the joy of God’s presence in the midst of difficulty.

Sunday 9th March

Sundays are not included in the 40 days of Lent since they have always been seen as days of celebration rather than fast. As Christians remember that Christ rose from the dead on a Sunday, take time to join with others at church today to celebrate the Living Christ amongst us.

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