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June CAP Update

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Praise God that the CAP Centre based at HRBC now has two more fully-qualified Debt Coaches. Sue Stone and Neil Avard successfully passed the Financial Authority Regulated Course up in Bradford last month. CAP has now opened 14 new debt centres, 25 new job clubs, and trained 50 new churches to run the CAP Money Course; as well as starting to pilot 25 Release Groups (targeting shopping and gambling) and six Community Detox Programs to help people overcome their addictions, which are a massive cause of debt and poverty. The need among the poor of this nation is immense, and CAP’s founder, John Kirkby, recently led prayers for the nation in Parliament’s ancient crypt built by Oliver Cromwell.

Yet again CAP’s work has been recognised by the nation’s financial institutions, and recently won a special award at the 2014 Credit Industry Awards for services to the Industry. What’s great is that these are the very people CAP are often in direct opposition to when trying to support their clients, and even they recognise what a fantastic service we give.

CAP’s head office in Bradford has just expanded into a second converted Mill, and employs over 300 fully qualified Christian workers in the city. With a turnover of £8.6 million the Charity continually has to evolve and update its systems. For that reason the CAP centre staff at HRBC/St Peters have already begun training to adapt to new approaches that meet the ever increasing demand.

If you feel able to assist CAP in any small or large way (physically, spiritually, financially) please approach one of the team* or email us at capmoney@hrbc.org.uk. In the meantime, please continue praying for us and our clients as we try not only to lead them out of debt but, more importantly, lead them to Jesus. The former is often a lot easier than the latter!

Isaiah 61:1

The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me,
because the LORD has anointed me
to proclaim good news to the poor.

*The CAP team at HRBC is Rich Page –Jones, Sue Stone, Neil Avard, John Miles, Tina Donnelly, Annie Robson, Adelaide Harris, and Sean Avard.

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