Holland Road Baptist Church

Jeri-Lee Kenny

1. What is your motivation for being a part of Transform? 

Matthew 19 v27:  “We have left everything to follow you”.

I wanted to join the Transform team because I am walking as close to the Lord as I can. I stepped out in faith 5 years ago, leaving a job and security to follow where God is leading me. I believe in ‘the great commission’ worldwide mission work. I strongly believe a supporting church is imperative to mission. As God has placed me here at Holland Road, I want to give myself to the church fully, get to know my church family, and enable my church family to get to know me.

2. What do you hope to personally gain through this experience? What are you excited about as you think about it?

I hope to experience closer unity with my church family. I see this as a valuable step in both my personal journey and in preparation for mission. I am excited about serving in ministry and experiencing mission opportunities further afield, whilst trusting in the Lord for his provision, and living a life of service as a disciple. I’m excited about being a part of existing teams, getting involved, and all the people I will meet and the challenges that I will experience on the way.

3. What areas of your character are you seeking God to further develop through your time on Transform?

I know God will use this time to correct me, encourage me, and stretch me. To weed out any underlining personality traits that God wants me to be aware of; reminding me to call on His strengths and examining my weak spots, challenging me to let him guide me. I believe He does all this in love. I see this as another opportunity to be refined by God: ‘He will sit as a refiner and purifier’.

4. Testimony:

When I was aged 21, I was overwhelmed by the cruelty of man to man and I began to reflect on the terrible suffering in the world and how we all long to escape persecution, when it occurs. I began to recognize that it is impossible for any person to experience persistent cruelty, loneliness, and suffering, and escape unscathed. Only God’s power was capable of helping people; it was beyond man’s capability.

At the realisation of this, I cried out in utter despair, sobbing uncontrollably for the suffering in this world, “Please let there be a God”. It was then that He answered. My room filled up with an amazing light, of which I had never seen the like of, and in every pore of the light was love. Unimaginable love. I then sobbed in pure joy, gasping out the words, “There is a God, there is”. The next day I saw the world for the first time, with a believer’s eyes and heart, and I saw God’s world for the first time in my life. I saw His creation. The foliage on the trees, the clouds in the sky; it was like a child seeing something new for the first time. I also felt more love for others and stopped being so isolated. Because I had never been to church, I did not know I could go in. It was another four years before I met my first Christian and immediately confessed that I knew for sure that God was real and I begged her to let me come to Church with her. She said yes and even bought me my first bible. I signed up for weekly Bible study, began to learn about our amazing God, and got baptised.

5. How are you sharing your Christian Faith in your present circumstances at home, work, and church?

All I have is God’s: my body, my life, my work, my home. God is my life. I cannot leave him out anywhere. I believe our mission field is the here and now. I never want to hide God’s light under a bushel. I have always shared my faith in all my secular work places. When non-Christians ask me “did you have a nice weekend?” I openly share about my Church life. I sent text messages asking for prayer support at times, to my non-Christian friends. When one replied saying yes, I prayed God would be able to use this opportunity for His Glory.

I seek to serve, and I see Transform as a way of fully immersing myself within the Church family. ‘Ask not what your church can do for you, but what you can do for your church’. I believe that through serving we learn.

I have always shared my homes with other people, because all I have is God’s. I am a host mother for Olivet International students. I enjoy good prayer time with my children and friends in my home, and use my home for Christian hospitality on many occasions.

6. What do you consider to be the most significant events of your life and why?

A. My conversion, because I knew no Christians and yet God heard my cry, knew my heart, and rescued me.

B. My children, because I see then as a gift from God and I can see God in them. My daughter is a missionary and even when both my children were young, I learned more of God through their faith. Discipleship is a two way relationship; as discipled them, they discipled me.

C. My huge leap of faith, stepping out of the boat to walk on water; leaving the security of a paid job in July 2009 to follow in obedience to God’s call 5 years ago. At the time I had 2 mortgages, no savings, and I was scared. But I obeyed God and he has not let me down. I still have 2 mortgages, no savings, but I am no longer scared.


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