Holland Road Baptist Church

Debbie Varney

I joined Transform with two goals in mind,to get to know and understand God better and to learn how to serve Him. I felt very strongly that God had called me away from my job at the school I had worked at for many years and had other plans for me but I had no idea what those plans were.So,how is Transform helping me to succeed in meeting those goals and am I any closer to knowing what his plans are for me?

Transform is helping me to get to know God better in many ways. I go away for Training blocks with other people doing a similar year where we study such subjects as “God’s nature and sovereignty”,” The world Jesus lived in” and “Getting to grips with God”. In January we spent 5 days at Centre Parcs where we listened to teaching on ” Freedom In Christ”,as well as having the occasional dip in the Tropical Paradise swimming pool! But closer to home,I am blessed to be around people at Holland Road who know and love Jesus and share that knowledge and love with me. Being around other Christians is the best way to learn by far.
And am I learning to serve? Definitely. By helping in the Friday Friendship Centre,Alpha and Tadpoles I see how the love of Christ in us can impact those who come along. We can witness in many different ways,through words ,actions and deeds.I recently read in the UCB Word For Today that many people are held back from doing what they feel God wants them to do because “they do not feel qualified”.However “God doesn’t always call the qualified but He always qualifies the called”. So even if we are not able to serve in our own strength, God will empower us by his Holy Spirit so we can serve in His.

So am I any closer to knowing what God’s plans are for me? I think I am living them out at the moment, one step at a time. I hold on to the truth of Jeremiah 29v11 ” For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.

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