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Annabel Fairfield

God Willing

By Annabel Fairfield

Living in a Muslim country, “insha’Allah” is now for me a totally normal response to many different situations. Literally translated it means ‘God willing’, as in, ‘Yes, I fully intend to, but I acknowledge that God is ultimately in charge and has sway in all our affairs’!

I ask when my papers will be ready to collect and the clerk tells me, “On Thursday, insha’Allah”. I take this to mean, on Thursday if you are lucky, if everyone works a full week and if the man with the stamp is in the office. In the souq I hear a voice calling after me in English, “Madam! Madam! Spices good price, you come back?”. I keep walking and respond “insha’Allah”, meaning ‘not now, maybe later and most likely never’.

I am reminded of all this “insha’Allah”-ing as I read about Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane. From the first humans in the first garden we know that when anyone disobeys God and goes their own way, an innocent one has to die to redeem the guilty one.

There in the second garden Jesus knew He had a job to do, a destiny to fulfil and a mission to accomplish. It would cost him everything, and the strain in his body was so great that he sweated blood, but here was no plan B. He asked if there could be another way but accepted what God had willed for him from the beginning.

When God reveals to me something that he has for me to do, will I respond “insha’Allah”, meaning ‘maybe’, ‘not likely’, ‘probably not’, ‘yes, but with a few conditions’? Or will I respond as Jesus did, “…not as I will, but as YOU will”? ! !

Obedience and faith are so beautiful and precious to God. Just say YES!!


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