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David Treneer

Easter is a very special time in the Christian calendar.

The death and resurrection of Jesus are at the heart of the Christian faith. Baptism is a powerful picture of being identified with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s therefore very exciting and very appropriate to have a bunch of people who have asked to be baptised on Easter Sunday at our morning service.

It reminds me of my own baptism, when I read from Philippians 3:7-10 in the Bible. I recognised that even the great things I had going for me, all I had done or experienced (I was studying Engineering at Cambridge University at the time); all these things were rubbish compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus. Why? Because through His death and resurrection I am given a “righteousness” that I could never obtain by myself. Not through good works nor through success in work, studies or relationships.

Good Friday is “good” because Christ died for me and you. He took our unrighteousness and gave us His perfect righteousness, and Easter is a reminder that He didn’t stay dead but rose again. And so we join with Christians down through history, proclaiming the good news that “He is alive”. There is hope, there is forgiveness, there is a Saviour with power to help us.

Those getting baptised this Easter have discovered that, and I pray that whether through this magazine or by coming along to one of our services over Easter, to the Holiday Club or to the Passion Play, that you too will discover more of this wonderful news.

Thanks to all those who over this past term have served this city, whether through the Night Shelter, CAP Debt Advice Centre, or through the many communities which reach out to various different parts of the city and to different generations and nationalities. Jesus was right that it really is in giving and serving that we are blessed.

Beyond Easter, do please join us on Sundays, as we explore through the month of May the theme of resurrection and eternal life, and throughout the week do connect with any of our communities, as together we grow in getting to know God and each other.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter.

May the unfailing love of God rest upon you (Psalm 33:22)



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