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Jonny Holman

If you’re very new to Holland Road then you may not have noticed it so far but if you’ve been around for any length of time then you’ll almost certainly have spotted that there have been some hefty changes within our communications team since I took on leadership of it a year ago.

Under the bonnet

Much of this has been a continuation of behind the scenes stuff; figuring out how we can communicate better internally and how we can manage our work and the many demands placed upon a team that is mostly made up of volunteers. Some things however are very obvious external things – this website and online magazine both come to mind, but also things like developing weekly news (our weekly email newsletter), changes to Update (our weekly news sheet), the addition of our connections point to welcome new people at the front of the church and new external signage you will have seen.

Breaking new ground

All of these things mean that we’ve been breaking a lot of new ground as a team and as a church. This is never easy or straightforward! It means that sometimes we make mistakes and because of the nature of the work we’re doing often these are more visible than invisible. It means that sometimes things slip through the gaps and get lost. I recognise that this is especially hard when it happens to something you really like or are passionate about. If you’ve noticed either of these things then I (and the team) really appreciate you gracefully highlighting them at the appropriate moment. However, although change can be uncomfortable and even hard or puzzling I believe it is absolutely necessary.

Adapt and change

If we are to do our part in successfully communicating the gospel to a technologically savvy and post-Christian culture we have to adapt and change our methods (not our message) and our thinking. Here are a couple of small examples: which font you choose to use on publicity really matters (not for everyone) because it communicates something of what and who you are (this is especially important in a creative city like Brighton). The ease with which visitors can navigate around your website (or building) is vital because if it’s too complex they are less likely to return. You might be surprised at how long we spend thinking about this stuff!

So, here’s an opportunity: Would you like to get involved? I’m really interested in talking to anyone with availability and skills in the area of communications. Anything from graphic design, proof reading, editing or writing to someone who likes keeping displays tidy or is handy with a camera, good with social media or with Microsoft Publisher (I know some of these are quite specific skills). Daytime or evening availability are both ok. Comment below or contact us.

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