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I believe that, at times, God calls us to take a step of faith and make the first move with regards to a particular decision we may be trying to make. However, we should remember that as we take that step (even with fear and trembling), God is there to meet, encourage, provide or even carry us on the journey we have started.

If you have ever watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, there is a great scene in where Indiana has to cross a ravine and the only way he can do it is to take a step of faith. With fear and trembling he takes his first step and as he does so the first part of the bridge appears. As he takes more steps the bridge unfolds before him and he gets to the other side.

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People often call CAP (Christians Against Poverty) not knowing much about who we are, what the journey may be like or what the final outcome might be. Whether they know it or not they are stepping out into an unknown journey (a step of faith) but what I have seen over the years is that our clients have been blessed as they have done this.

They have discovered a whole new world of financial freedom, friendships, and generosity, as well as a new purpose and reason for life. Most of all, many clients have re-engaged with God. By this, I mean that their relationship with God, along with their involvement and contribution towards church life, has increased. In most cases, significantly.

Having now had 100 clients (either an individual or a family) call the Christians Against Poverty (CAP) free 0800 number, reaching out for our help, this seemed a good point at which to review our work, and to thank God for what He has done.

Some encouraging statistics

Number of debt free clients: 13
Total debt cleared: £188,673
Number of clients still on their journey with CAP: 33

Number of clients we have helped along their way but – for good reasons – are no longer working with CAP: 30

Number of clients who cancelled before their 1st appointment: 24

Please pray…

Please continue to pray for the work of CAP, and for all our clients and their families.

One of the things I have always found fascinating is that every client and their situation has been unique, and yet God knows them and their situation. He is always ready and willing to help as clients start making their first steps towards being debt free. While it is always disappointing when clients cancel, we remain thankful that we have had the opportunity to work with and help 76 clients in their journey to be debt free.

Can CAP help you?

If you find yourself in financial difficulty, please get in touch! You might be waiting for God to send the ‘financial freedom life-boat’ but contacting CAP might be it! Don’t miss out – take that step of faith – you have no idea what God might do!

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