Holland Road Baptist Church

Sue Stone

CAP Christmas Update

By Sue Stone

Did you know that every 20 minutes a property is repossessed?

Today there are people in our city whose lives are being devastated as a result of debt – often leaving them struggling to feed their families, feeling suicidal, depressed and alone.

This year our CAP (Christians Against Poverty) team have seen all of the above. We currently have over 50 clients who we are helping on their journey out of debt, and this year we have shared the joy of becoming debt-free with 7 of our clients. We have a great opportunity to show God’s love, invite them to Alpha, special services, or clubs and meetings run at church.

We have also run 6 CAP Money courses this year for students and adults – these teach basic budgeting and money management skills that enable people to budget, spend and save better. They have also been fun!

I would like to thank everyone at Holland Road Baptist Church for being such a generous church. Our clients loved the hampers the church provided last year, and they were so touched by the Easter eggs given. The food donated in our CAP box (at the connections point) has literally been a life saver as so many of our clients have desperately needed emergency food. Thank you for all your gifts of money to the B.L.T Trust that allow us to buy bus tickets, fresh food, send out birthday cards, and many other things that show God’s love to our clients.

Also thanks to everyone who volunteers to come out with us on visits, help with our Drop In sessions on Thursdays, hand out leaflets, make up hampers, and many other things that help Brighton and Hove CAP Centre reach those in need.

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