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Debbie Varney

Amazing Alpha?

By Debbie Varney

I’m Debbie and I serve as part of our Alpha team, maybe you’ve heard of it? Naturally, I think Alpha is truly amazing for a whole load of reasons…

Is it the Alpha team, who give up their time week after week to discuss their love of Jesus with others and try to help the guests wrestle with life’s difficult questions? Possibly. Is it the fantastic food served up by the lovely kitchen team? That is definitely a bonus. Is it the informative talk given after dinner that makes people think and causes them to question? It surely plays a part. Or the prayer team who are dedicated to offering up prayers of thanks, hope and need? Alpha certainly needs prayer desperately.

Yes, Alpha is amazing because of all these things, but what makes it really amazing is the constant presence of the Holy Spirit, who causes our wonderful guests to transform when they open their hearts and minds. I have witnessed it first hand in my son’s life, my husband’s life, and my own life, which has been completely transformed. I personally came to Alpha with a pre-conceived opinion both of Alpha itself and of religion in general. Basically, I thought Alpha would be “preachy” and a bit scary, full of people who would spout stuff at me that I wouldn’t understand. How wrong I was. Jesus broke into my life through Alpha and I have seen it happen to many other people since.

So, how can we convince people that Alpha is amazing and that it is a fantastic way to encounter God, either for the first time or as a renewal of a faith which has become cold? We tell them about it. We share our experiences. We point them to people whose lives have been touched by their own Alpha experience. We tell them to look on the internet and see what they can find out about it. We tell them that it isn’t “preachy” and boring – it is fun and a great way to meet other people. We also tell them there is great food involved!

Alpha couldn’t exist without the presence of the Holy Spirit, as it would be fruitless. Jesus said “No branch can bear fruit by itself, it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.” (John 15:4) Please pray that God continues to bless Alpha and make it as fruitful and amazing as it can possibly be! ┬áVisit our alpha page for more information on our next course.

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