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Lena Parle

A Transforming Journey

By Lena Parle

Hi, I’m Lena and I’d like to share what I’m doing as part of the Transform team, and what God is speaking to me about.

This year I have been really lucky to be able to do lots of children’s work. It is so great to see kids learning about God and bringing their friends to The Hub. This really spoke to me. They are not ashamed of Jesus and neither should we be – whatever the world thinks of us. Helping at Minnows has shown me how much we can also bless parents, and that’s fantastic to see.

I have also been really privileged to be part of Alpha this year. Alpha is an amazing ministry that changes people’s lives – to see people choosing to begin to follow Jesus is the best thing ever. This is such a great environment in which to discuss important issues and form friendships. God has really shown me through Alpha how He wants to touch all of our lives.

Being part of United has also been amazing, and it is so good to meet people and try and bless them for the short time they are in Brighton. Some of these people have never been inside a church before and it is a blessing to see the perceptions of so many change over the time they spend with us. I feel that God has been saying that planting even the smallest seed can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Finally, the training that I have received through Transform has given me more knowledge of the Bible than I have ever had, and it has been so useful to learn and understand more about the Word of God, Church history, the Trinity and both the Old and New Testaments.

It really has been a blessing to wrestle with Scripture and to gain a deeper understanding of God’s Word and works has been amazing.

I look forward to learning more and doing more with Transform!

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