Holland Road Baptist Church


Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve had to change how we meet on a Sunday.

We are presently experimenting with different types of public services at Holland Road on Sundays alongside live streaming our services at 10:30am every week on YouTube and Facebook.

Find out more about in person gatherings and how we are keeping people safe.

Sunday Mornings // 10.30-11:30am

Our Sunday morning meetings are an important part of being an extended family. The church is made up of all sorts of people; old, young, families, married people, single people, students, youth, professionals, retired people and people from all around the world. Our Sunday mornings are an important time to worship God, to learn more about Him and to pray.

What happens during a meeting?

You can watch our recent services and talks on YouTube at any time, this is the best way to get a feel for what our meetings are like.

Our meetings are informal and do not follow a strict pattern. We usually begin with singing our worship to God, using a mix of great contemporary songs and classic hymns, and led by a worship leader and the band. Within this time of worship we pray and seek to encounter God. At each meeting there is a 20 minute talk explaining the Bible, and an opportunity to respond in more worship.

The whole service lasts for about an hour. If you are watching live on YouTube or Facebook then we have chat enabled throughout the service so you can say hello or ask any questions you have.

We offer prayer ministry over Zoom and usually have a tea and coffee room on Zoom after the live service where people can chat with others. Feel free to come along and check it out.

We also regularly celebrate believer’s baptisms as part of our meetings.

Will the service be suitable for my kids?

We know it can be tough to engage children while watching an online service. Our services are always family-friendly and usually include a section focused on kids near the beginning; this usually includes dance-cam and a family focused message. We have curated all our previous kids’ talks on YouTube for easy access.

With changes to government regulations we are experimenting with offering children’s groups on Sundays. Please see in person gatherings for current details.

See our kids page and our youth page for all the details, including what’s going on during the week.