Holland Road Baptist Church


We are really excited to welcome you back to the building for one of our in person gatherings.

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However you are feeling about coming back, we want to let you know that all our meetings are fully compliant with the COVID rules for churches.

We want to set out some of the things we are doing to keep you safe, and some things that we are asking you to do as well as some useful information.

Key things we’re doing:

  • Carefully planning seating arrangements depending on the capacity of different events.
  • Temperature checking and collecting contact information for all participants which we handle in line with the GDPR regulations.
  • Hand sanitiser is located throughout the building.
  • Providing spare face masks in case you forget yours.
  • All the spaces that are used are cleaned before and after.

We believe that church is a family and as such we want to care well for each other so there are some things we require you to do if you’re attending.

Key things you must do:

  • Register everyone attending as part of your household/bubble. This means that you must give us current contact information. We will hold this information for 21 days and then delete it, unless you have indicated that you would like to continue to hear from us in the future.
  • Wear a face covering, unless you are exempt.
  • Follow any instructions from our hosts/stewards regarding where to sit and which entrances and exits to use. Please note that it is not possible to change seats or move around.
  • Please arrive no more than 15 minutes before an event starts and try not to be late, especially if you are watching a live service so that you can hear the host’s pre-service announcements.
  • Do not attend if you have any of the main symptoms of Coronavirus.

Other information:

  • You are welcome to bring your own drink as we are not allowed to offer refreshments at the moment.
  • Toilets will be available.
  • Children are welcome. We understand that they can sometimes be noisy and distracting – this is fine, they are part of the church and as welcome as anyone else. The hall is available as a space for families to watch the livestream in each week if they do not want to stay in the service (subject to capacity). The livestream will be shown in this more relaxed environment. Please note that you must still stay with your children as there is no children’s programme.
  • Unfortunately we are not allowed to sing, however humming, clapping, dancing, kneeling and raising your arms in worship are all encouraged!
  • Sign ups for each week’s Sunday service become available one week before the event. If you have access to My Church Suite it is much faster to sign up there.
  • Sign ups for events are open until two days before the event starts (e.g. sign ups for Sundays close on Thursday night). This is to allow time for our team to complete the necessary administrative steps including arranging seating. You will still be able to join the waiting list.
  • If you have signed up for a waiting list then we will contact you if there is space. You can still turn up, however we cannot guarantee that we can admit you as it depends on capacity.
  • If you turn up for an event without signing up we may be able to admit you however it depends on capacity and priority will be given to those who have signed up already. You will need to provide current contact information if we can admit you.

Sign Up: Click here to sign up for our next Sunday service.