Holland Road Baptist Church


From January we are working through Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and seeking to get beneath the surface of a familiar section of the Bible.

We meet at 10:30am, everyone is welcome.

Not been to church before or not been for a while? Find out what to expect.

17 Talks

Authority in the Storms
Passage Matthew 7:24-29
Date June 23, 2019
False Teaching in the Church
Passage Matthew 7:15-23
Date June 16, 2019
Narrow and Broad Roads
Passage Matthew 7:13-14
Date June 2, 2019
Receiving what you need
Passage Matthew 7:7-12
Date May 26, 2019
Safe Investments - Free from Judgement
Passage Matthew 6:1-7:6
Date May 12, 2019
Freedom from Worry
Passage Matthew 6:25-34
Date May 5, 2019
Safe Investments - Treasure in Heaven
Passage Matthew 6:19-24
Date April 28, 2019
Secret Weapons – Fasting
Passage Matthew 6:16-18
Date March 31, 2019
Secret Weapons – Surrender Forgiveness
Passage Matthew 6:9-15
Date March 24, 2019
Secret Weapons: Prayer
Passage Matthew 6:5-8
Date March 17, 2019

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