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Series None
Passage Galatians 5:6
Date September 15, 2019
The gift of God
Series None
Passage Ephesians 2:8-10
Date August 18, 2019
Series None
Passage Philippians 1:2
Date July 21, 2019
Easter Sunday Evening
Passage Luke 24:13-35
Date April 21, 2019
What are you holding on to?
Series None
Passage Jonah 2:8-9
Date March 17, 2019
Compassionate Father
Series None
Passage Luke 15:11-32
Date February 17, 2019
Transformed by the Word
Passage Colossians 3:16
Date October 21, 2018
What are you reading in the summer?
Series None
Passage Psalm 1:1-6
Date July 29, 2018
What to do when government is failing?
Series Unashamed
Passage Romans 13:1-7
Date June 24, 2018
The presence of Jesus changes everything
Series None
Passage Luke 24:13-35
Date June 17, 2018

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