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Rebekah Harrington

We are halfway through November now and while here in England everyone is already preparing for the Christmas season, at home in Georgia, people are getting ready for Thanksgiving.  Plump turkeys are being bought, plane tickets are being purchased, and calls are being placed in anticipation of coming home for the feast that will be served the fourth Thursday in November.

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favourite holidays. First, it falls near my birthday, and second, it has all the benefits of Christmas (family, fun, food) without the pressure of giving and receiving gifts.  Christmas is often a stressful time for families. Many cannot afford to buy a lot of presents for their children, or the recent loss of a loved-one can make the day a hard one. However, in the States, Thanksgiving is usually a happy, carefree time without the financial worries that can often plague Christmas.

Two years ago, my grandmother died the week before Thanksgiving. Her funeral was held the Monday before and we buried her the following day. Two days later, we were able to sit as a family around a table of good food and give thanks for every thing and blessing that we still had. My grandmother’s passing, in a way, made the day that much sweeter. We were able to celebrate her life and legacy while being thankful for each other.

While the holiday may have been started by the pilgrims fleeing religious persecution in Europe, today it is even more. As Christians, we are able to look back on the past year and see the ways that God has specifically blessed us. It is often traditional to go around the table, saying at least one thing that each person is most grateful for. These sweet traditions are nice, but it is important to remember that God deserves our thanksgiving all of the time. I like to think of Thanksgiving as a fun but specific reminder that God has blessed us and we are to give Him thanks always.

This year’s Thanksgiving is going to be a little more unusual for me, but I am sure that it will be no less sweet. I may be without the family I was born into, but I will be with the family that I have chosen. I have planned a wonderful and delicious feast with my Community, and am lucky to get to tell the kids at Hub about the first Thanksgiving.

The Lord has blessed me in more ways than I can ever imagine, and for that I am truly thankful.

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Rebekah Harrington

Who are you?

My name is Rebekah Harrington. I’ve come from Atlanta, Georgia in the States to spend the year at Holland Road.

How long have you been at Holland Road?

About a month!

Why did you apply for Transform?

To spend time with and serving the Lord after I graduated from University. I hope that this year, the Lord will tell me what He wants me to do with my life and that He will prepare me for whatever He has planned.

What are you most looking forward to?

Building awesome intrapersonal relationships and growing stronger in my relationship with Jesus.

What can you see yourself contributing to the Transform Team?

Enthusiasm and hard work with a long history with the Lord.

What can you see yourself contributing to the life of the church?

Compassion and a love for people. I have served at my home church, New Hope, in many different ways over the years and hope to use that experience to be the best worker I can be while I do Transform.

Do you have a testimony of your journey on Transform so far?

Well, the Lord got me over 4,000 miles here in one piece and with all of my luggage, some tears and a lot of heartache, but so far He has done great things in my life as I’ve begun this yearlong adventure. I have found some wonderful new friends and rekindled old friendships and I look forward to building even more.

What can we pray about for you?

Please pray that I continue to settle in well with my host family and that I make good, lasting friendships that strengthen me. Pray that I find peace with being so far away from my family for so long and that it does not distract me from doing what the Lord has placed in front of me.

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